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Oh, my Goodness, okay, so my mom is finally gone from home for like two days and my dad is home alone together with me only, even brother is almost all the nights and day time out with his girlfriend. Since I’m not that young little girl anymore! I can take care of myself. It’s about time I live my own life. My parents are always saying No to me! No parties, no drinking (even glass of wine is not permitted), and especially no boys, no nights out, no sleepovers by the girlfriends! Well, they broke their own rule, didn’t they? I’m going to get what I want out of this. Mom will never have to know who is baby it is and I know father is not be able to resist me. He is a drinker of some beer. I can loosen him up a little and myself… if I wear some sexy skirt, daddy have no way of saying no to me. Plus, he is never been able to hide the fact that he likes pregnant women. If I talk dirty to him about feeding my womb, he is bound to blow dad’s load deep into my young, tight pussy. I am ready to tease up my daddy and show how slutty daughter I can be and when I just will not let him stop fucking me till he finish his cum inside my pussy. Ooopps, mommy never find outs… it will be our little secret between daddy-daughter. Enjoy taboo fucked up family video by Angela!


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Warning! This video is originally made by webcam model Angela for official website of Sunshine1818club in her bedroom with some taboo family fantasy, however me, sunshine 1818club, never support incest, because sexual activity between family members or close relatives is forbidden and these kind of fantasies should never be repeated in real life! Please, stay safe and respect the family!


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