Soup for lunch and carrot for pleasure!

While summer is coming up, I decided to cook vegetable soup for lunch! It was warm beginning of spring and I was wearing short summer dress without bra and little g-strings, than barefoot jumped into sandals and went to the shop to buy the right ingredient for my soup.

When I returned home I put a pot with water on cooker: added two cubes of bullion, cut onions, potatoes and I wanted to add a little bit of carrot, but my carrot was in some strange shape: hooked like some sex toy for G spot, so I put it away as totally not fitting to my soup.

I was sitting in the kitchen and waiting till soup starts boiling, but it was talking that long that time just became boring… Suddenly my eye have been caught by that strange hook-shaped carrot: why I should spent my time boring while I can enjoy the time with some masturbation with carrot …. :)!

I jump on the cupboard in the kitchen and sat in the position with spread legs that I can see pot of soup, grabbed the carrot, put a side thong panty and just slowly inserted that carrot inside my pussy … oh yes! It moved slowly but deeply and that strange shape of the carrot directly hit my G – spot… I totally loosed control and just enjoyed every inch of that carrot inside my tight wet pussy … suddenly I saw that pot of vegetables soup started running out of the pot, but I could not stop masturbating till I released big explosion of squirting orgasm… oh yes!

The pleasure was so big that it was all wet and I was shaking of earthquake orgasm… I wanted to take a breath to chill out, but I heard that the soup is making noise of boiling and running everywhere around in the kitchen, so I jump off the table and quickly turned off the cooker.

My legs were still shaking slightly from that crazy pleasure and now I feel hungry while I smell the soup. At least half of the pot was still full of soap, so carrot was good for pleasure and the soup will be good for lunch!


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