Sex in kitchen fantasy with lots of chocolate by Sunshine1818club

I invited You to my home to taste home made chocolate biscuits, but I did not made everything ready before Your arrival and because of rush, I made big mess all around, so I needed to drop away my wet and messy clothes.

You came in unexpectedly and here I am standing all naked in the kitchen: chocolate is dripping from my hard nipples till pussy, my cheeks and innocent face is full of messy sweet taste spots. I got blushed when You caught me just like that, so for You nothing else left just to join my chocolate mess in the kitchen.

You sat down in the kitchen to wait till I will clean everything up, but instead of cleaning I just jumped on the kitchen cupboard, spread my legs wide and started playing with myself just in front of Your eyes. In the beginning You felt shy to watch me masturbating, but You started relax more and more when You saw how nicely I am playing with chocolate dripping around my pussy, catching it and sucking from my fingers. So You decided to come closer and help me: I caught You and wrapped with my legs. I made You all chocolate messy too when I hugged you, so You start undressing and kissing all over my sweet body from toes, up to legs till pussy. Now you and all chocolate mess of pleasure too! You start fingering my wet and messy pussy and every time when you took out your fingers from my pussy, You let me to lick cream from your fingers. It turned You on so much, than I took your cock to my hand and pushed inside my wet pussy. We were fucking like crazy on that cupboard and I was moaning and screaming from pleasure. You were penetrating my pussy stronger and stronger, than suddenly took Your cock out of my vagina and shot Your cum all over my belly. I was watching You cumming and than sicked my finger inside the mess on my belly where dark chocolate were mixing with your white cum. I was licking it up and enjoying every time I swallowed Your cum together with chocolate…

Cooking chocolate cookies was not so successful, but dark and white chocolate were not wasted at all!

If You would like to see me all wet and messy in chocolate, here is squirt orgasm video mixed with chocolate by Sunshine1818club.


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