Please read Privacy Policy of Sunshine1818club carefully. By Your subscription to and use of this website You will be expressly signifying that You agree with the Policies and Practices set of Sunshine1818club and You agree to the use of any personal information that You supply or that is collected about You as detailed in this Privacy Policy Statement.

If You do not agree with all The Terms of this Privacy Policy Statement, You must not subscribe/ enter/ visit or stay or use this website.

The present Privacy Policy Statement details important information regarding the use and disclosure of user information and/or data gathered regarding subscriber (“You”) and members (“Visitors” or “Users”) of Sunshine1818club website. In addition, this Privacy Policy sets forth all relevant policies and practices for the websites and also valid for Terms and Conditions Statement of Sunshine1818club.


This is an adult site that expressly and strictly limits its membership to adults. This site does not knowingly seek or collect any personal information or data from persons under the age of legal age – 18. All persons under the age of 18 are strictly prohibited from accessing or viewing the contents on this Website without exception. If you are under the age of 18 and/or under the age of majority in the jurisdiction you reside and from which you access the website, then your account will be terminated without notice or delay.


Any users that joins/signs up as a subscriber of the Website will be required to provide personal information as well as demographic information which may include the subscriber’s name, physical address, e-mail address, country, username, and password. The site collects any and all such information and includes it in its customer database. In addition, other information such as IP address(es), referring website information, browser information, and other related data may be collected. Also users that subscribes to newsletter are tracked as subscribers and receives news/updates e-mails of the website.


If the site features or conducts any special events, special promotions or offers, contests or polls, a subscriber of the site may be asked to provide information in order to participate, if the subscriber voluntarily provides that information, all such information may be collected by the Website and included in its customer database.

If a subscriber sends any personal communication or correspondence by any means, to the site, Sunshine1818club may collect the information regarding that communication and include that information in its customer database.

The Website may also automatically collect traffic and click-through data as well as information regarding the online behavior of subscribers by the use of “cookies” or other programming means – any information about subscribers collected by the site through the use of cookies or other programming means will generally not be as sociable to the specific user in any way.


By the subscriber’s use of the Website, the subscriber expressly agrees that the site may use any personal information that has been provided by the subscriber or that has been collected by about the subscriber for any purpose, including without limitation, technical, administrative, research and development, customer administration, marketing, trading of personal data, age verification, promotional and advertising use by the site or third parties authorized to use the information by the site.

By the subscriber’s use of the site, the subscriber expressly agrees that the site may, in its sole discretion share, disclose, transfer, rent, license or sell any of the personal information about subscribers that it has gathered or collected with affiliated or unaffiliated third parties.

All personal information about a subscriber may be collected by a third-party web service provider that has an advertising banner or link on the Website.

The site is not responsible or liable for the use of any information that a subscriber may provide, or that is gathered by third-party websites that have banner ads or links on the site. The site shall not be responsible for the privacy policy or the content of other such websites. Sunshine1818club does not control, monitor or endorse the information gathering practices or privacy policies of any of those third-party websites.

Whenever applicable, each subscriber should seek to read the privacy policy of any third-party website provider that has an advertising banner, advertises or has a link on the Website.

All information collected may be shared when necessary to comply with applicable law and /or to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and the courts/tribunals.

A subscriber’s IP address may be used to diagnose problems with the server and all other technical issues and to administer the Websites.


The Website has adopted and implemented reasonable and technologically feasible procedures for maintaining the security, accuracy and integrity of all personal information relating to subscribers that is collected by Sunshine1818club.

While the website uses commercially reasonable physical, managerial and technical safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of your personal information, the transmission of information via the Internet is not completely secure. All subscribers should consider any information provided to or collected by the Website as non-confidential, and consequently the site assumes no liability or responsibility if any information relating to any subscriber is intercepted and/or used by an unintended recipient.

Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the Internet is not completely secure. The Website uses commercially reasonable physical, managerial and technical safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of your personal information.


All financial data is collected and shared with the site’s third party processors such as Zombaio. All credit card transactions and such are processed with industry standard encryption through third party processors. Said processors only use your information for that purpose. All financial data and information shall be considered private information and will not be shared by the site with third parties except with your authorization or when necessary to carry out all and any transactions requested by the user with the understanding that such transactions may be subject to rules, terms, conditions and policies of a third party. All such information provided to a third party and all transactions are not governed by this Privacy Policy. All such information provided to a third party is subject to their terms and conditions.

Subscriber’s e-mail address may be used by the site to communicate special offers and other relevant information such as new services, blog updates, subscription information, etc. In addition, there may be occasions when a subscriber will be presented with special offers either from the operators of the site or from third-party service or content providers, which may include consent to receive e-mail solicitations, communications, newsletters, commercial advertising, or other promotional or special event materials.


“OPT-IN & “OPT-OUT” AND USER COMMUNICATION” – Subscriber’s expressly and specifically acknowledges and agrees that his email address or other means of communicating with subscriber may be used to send offers, information or any other commercially oriented emails or other means of communications. More specifically, some offers may be presented to the subscriber via email campaigns or other means of communications with the option to express the subscriber’s preference by either clicking or entering “subscribe” (alternatively “yes”) or “unsubscribe” (alternatively “no”). By selecting or clicking the “yes”, the subscriber indicates that the subscriber “OPTS-IN” & “OPT-OUT” to that offer and thereby agrees and assents that the subscriber’s personal information, including its email address and data may be used for that matter or disclosed to third-parties.”


Sunshine1818club privacy policy may be changed, modified or edited at any time. It is the subscriber’s responsibility to verify the Privacy Policy intermittently to see if there has been any change. All changes to the privacy policy shall be in effect thirty days after it is posted, unless the terms of the privacy policy indicate otherwise.


Each subscriber should carefully read each of the terms and conditions of membership for the site. By accepting membership to this Website, you are unconditionally accepting all of those Terms and Conditions. Some of those terms and conditions may also affect the right of this site to use information that it has gathered from subscribers.


Any payments or fees made on Sunshine1818club will read ZOMBAIO.COM on your cardholder statement for the merchant Apocalypse Solutions, CY. Membership subscriptions can by canceled any time.


Any messages can be sent directly to website administration by filling Contact Form including Your requests. However please contact Zombaio for any payment support.

Privacy Policy of Sunshine1818club

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