Naughty nurse sex fantasy by Sunshine1818club

…It is time for You to visit cock’s clinic and sexy blonde nurse is opening doors. She is wearing short, white, mini dress, sexy high heels, red lipstick and her blond hairs are tided up in conservative bun… Instead, deep V-neck is totally not looking conservative: You can almost see her naked boobs. She asks You to sit down on the examination table and just bends over in front of your eyes and her tits almost hangs out of the bra which barely covers her nipples! You remove your top clothes and soon felt cold touch of stethoscope on your chest:
– “Oh ! Your heart beats are enormous high!” – She said and smiled at you in cheeky smile, than suddenly turns around and goes to lock the door. You feel that this health check is going to be extraordinary nasty. When she comes back her smooth hands moves down toward your pants, You feel how she unbutton them and just pulls it down. She starts touching herself wild and unbuttoning only few buttons of her white robe to take out boobs with hard nipples, than goes on her kneels and starts sucking your cock so deeply with her naughty look to your eyes…You almost can finish from her sloppy blowjob, but suddenly she slightly raises her skirt and panties up and sits down on your hard cock deeply…till the end! Those movements do not continue so long, but you both are so excited that just cum hard in a few minutes…

Your pants are coming back and you see how she is dressing up her sexy nurse outfit, fix her strong red lipstick looking at You like at mirror…She comes back near her table, starts writing and loudly reading in her sexy voice:
– “You are healthy and ready to go!”- she said. Your eyes again follows her sexy booty shaking while she leads You till the doors…

It is difficult to believe that all this accidental sex just happened in serious clinic, but You see her horny smile and You understand that it was not a dream;) !


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