Fast and Furious 7 – the epic end

furiuos 7 screen capture
Here comes a moment when after official fast and furious 7 release date I just watched it now and wanted to share with You all my movie review, interpretation, the best scenes and of course the epic end of Furious Seven.

The History of Fast and Furious

First movie was released in 2001 and called The Fast and the Furious. The main idea of first movie was going about car racing clubs which were secretly happening in the streets in late night. The second movie was released in 2003 and called Fast 2 Furious. The team of racers this time needs to work under cover to catch bad-ass guy in Miami. The third movie was released three years later in 2006 titled as The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Because Lucas after loosing his racing car sent to live in Japan, so action happening in Tokyo. Later film released in 2009 and called Fast & Furious. Dominic (actor Vin Diesel) and his new team was considered of his girlfriend Letty (actress Michelle Rodriguez), Cara (American actress Mirtha Michelle), Leo (actor Tego Calderon), Rico (actor Don Omar) and Han (actor from Korea Sung Kang). In 2011 released Fast Five movie they moved from just street racing to action movie and in 2013 released six series which called Fast & Furious 6 where agent Luke (Dwayne Johnson) offers Dominic (Vin Diesel) team opportunity to come back home with their new clean life in return of removing bad-asses organization. It has been released 7 Fast and Furious movies in total. It is also still open discussion if more serious is going to be released. After mission completed successful in part 6 we finally come to Furious 7.

Fast and Furious 7 plot

If You have not seen all seven series of Fast and Furious, do not worry, because it is easy to catch the point of what is going on in seventh release. The plot is very simple.
Owen is in hospital and he has older brother Deckard (English actor Jason Statham) who is going to revenge for Dominic team. So peaceful life after coming back to America just ended by big package from Tokyo which explode Dominic’s home. Deckard have visited agent Luke (American-Canadian actor Dwayne Johnson) and after small meeting in his office, he ended up by lying in hospital and broken hand. Dominic is flying to Tokyo and going to find out who’s fault of a new danger for his peaceful team life. Furious 7 plot keep up as action movie including fast cards and sexy girls. But what about sexy scenes and sexy girls in Furious 7?

Sexy girls in Furious 7

Furious 7 differently from typical action movies does not have sex scenes, so if You are in horny mood, just better go and masturbate watching real webcam girls live that will bring you bigger satisfaction in Your pants. There was couple little scenes which I would call love scenes where Dominic is kissing with Letty, but coming back to sexy girls it does not have that much moments when You can sink Your eyes in sexy chicks only small glance at the beginning of racing start when the girl with mini skirt is walking to rise racing flag and at the second moment in the party in Abu Dhabi. So without those unknown chicks as the most sexy girl from Furious 7, I would vote for Michelle Rodriguez with her sexy look like “Hey, I am going to grab Your balls and smack them down if You will stare at me one minute longer”. But this chick is hot and sexy chick like she, deserved some sexy car to drive it fast and furiously.

Fast cars in Fast and Furious 7

While Fifty Shades of Grey had budged of $ 40 million and collected 500 million USD, in the mean time (Of course as a typical action movie) with the budget of $250 million, Fast and Furious 7 already collected 800 million USD Worldwide in their box office and it had some super luxury and speedy cars to hang your eye on. There was classic racing cars like Barracuda, Maserati, Chevrolet Camaro, Bugatti, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Dogde also Hammer, Nissan Skyline GT-R and Subaru Impreza. My biggest impression was actually about two fats cars: the third most expensive ever made car – red Lykan HyperSport with a twin turbo, 3.7 liter engine which can easily make 300km/h and worth $ 3.4 million and the black 70s Dodge Charger which is more like classic sport car.

Furious 7 tribute to Paul Walker

You can feel that all movie mood actually apart those flying cars, explosions, street fights and some team jokes is a little bit sad and actually dedicated to Paul’s Walker death. Paul Walked died in 30th of November in 2013 in accidental car crash. He was found dead with his friend in limited edition Porsche Carrera GT around 100mp/h, where after losing control, car spun and exploded. Both passengers were dead. Furious 7 was not finished to film yet, so Paul’s place was taken by his brother and with the help of digital editor and the right camera angles, movie were finished. It is said that possibly in Furious eight, Paul Walker character Brian O’Conner just will be retired not mentioning his real death, but Furious 7 made huge tribulation to Paul Walker remembrance.

Fast and Furious 7 – the epic end

Actually like the last 20 minutes of the movie, rewarded all the film. There was lot of action, races, explosion, street fights and the moment in the end when they all sit in the beach and watching Paul Walker with his family, they are like saying this where He belongs and it touches the heart with the meaning about Paul Walkers dead in real life, but excitation in Fast and Furious team and all fans heart’s.
But the most epic end is when Dominic after sad goodbye near the beach is driving is his car and stopped near traffic light while Paul Walker drives next to him, looks straightly and says Like see You again and in my memory stuck the Furious 7 soundtrack song: Wiz Khalifa feat Charlie Puth – See You Again. It is like Fast and Furious 7 – the epic end called “See You again” without sadness of goodbye.

Let me know in the comments below if You have seen Fast and Furious 7 and what You think about all the movie!

Cheers, Angela!


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